*27. Januar 2018 - unsere vier "Goldstücke"

Lea (Emma), Liese (Malou), Lotta (Maggy) und LASSE

Farmer`s Best Friends

Queijeiro Webster x Kinky Party Favor of Sheppard`s Garden -JULE

* 30. Dezember 2016 - unser verspätetes "kleines Weihnachtswunder"

KNUT - Ginostras Handsome Wallace (WALLACE) x Kinky Party Favor Of Sheppard`s Garden (JULE)

*17. November 2015

Unsere zwei J´s - Richbourne Play it again "SEVEN" x Cheer Farmer`s best Friends "MIA"

* 06. April 2014

Unsere I´s - Cosadolce Signed and Seal "Seal" x Get Involved with Jeanny of Main Square "Luna"

Unsere H-chen "Get Involved with Jeanny of Main Square" - Luna x "Watermaniac`s Agent Linjor" - Bond


*22. Oktober 2012

Unser G-Wurf "Cheer Farmers`s best Friend" - MIA x "Carpenny Micah at Suttonpark" MICAH

Unser F-Wurf "Get Involved with Jeanny of Main Square" -LUNA x "Devonshires Stash" STASH

*15. Juli 2011

Unser E-Wurf *19.01.2011

"Cheer Farmers best Friend" -MIA x "Devonshires Stash"-STASH

"Zera Fly Nightmare of Fire" - FLY x "Infinity`s Fozzy Bear"-FOZZY

Unser D- Wurf *17.06.2009